Congratulations to WBP client, Tarik El-Abour the first professional baseball player with Autism signed to Kansas City Royals ... Worldwide Baseball Prospects is a leading coaching and mentoring company who coaches, supports, motivates and educates baseball players ...
The WBP™ High School to College Baseball Recruitment Planning Program

Worldwide Baseball Prospects® founded in 2006, is a leading coaching and mentoring company, who for over a decade with the assistance of our network, has been helping people/baseball players, to find their individual path to fulfill their own purpose and passion.

WBP® helps players on two main levels.

First, Worldwide Baseball Prospects coaches, supports, navigates, motivates, teaches and educates prospective high school baseball players (Grades 9 - 12) and their families, specifically 1 on 1, on how to pro-actively take action with the entire high school development and college recruiting process from start to finish; as a person, a student and a baseball player.

Second, Worldwide Baseball Prospects® consults and mentors in confidence on an individual basis, players at both the Collegiate and Professional levels. Our role is to act as a bridge and a major support system, directing our clients through both their life and baseball goals.
This may include helping with on or off field issues, character development, networking and communication skills, learning a positive mindset, dealing with adversity or setbacks, establishing day to day routines and establishing performance based goals.

“Players must become the person it takes to accomplish their goal.” - WBP

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