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About Worldwide Baseball Prospects

The WBP™ High School to College Baseball Recruitment Planning ProgramWorldwide Baseball Prospects (WBP) is a coaching and mentoring organization that assists and guides High School Baseball Student-Athletes, from freshmen to seniors and their parents to reach their short and long term goals in the college baseball recruiting process through our comprehensive program,  The WBP High School to College Baseball Recruiting Program.

Players enrolled in the program receive coaching, direction, a plan of action and mentorship with the College Baseball Recruiting Process as well as with the total development process including things such as strength and performance, nutrition, motivational guidance and so much more. We encourage you to read a few testimonials from Players and Parents who were recruited to colleges.

No one high school student athlete is alike. Each player and family presents very unique qualities that are different from one another, be it mental, physical, academic, emotional, social, spiritual, community, family, and/or financial characteristics. Our Program reflects on this treating each player we help as an individual.

For the prospective high school baseball player the challenges of balancing athletics while simultaneously satisfying academic requirements now and for future college entrance can be very demanding. Throw in the college baseball recruiting process and it could get overwhelming and costly in hurry for all involved. But it does not have to be. This is where we come in.

The WBP High School to College Baseball Recruiting Program can really help you the student athlete and your family move forward through this process with confidence and direction as it has done for so many others.
At the end of the day, the college or university you choose should suit your total student - athletic product being your academic qualifications, social expectations/ comfort, family financial resources, mental make up and college baseball ability to name a few.

There are many factors to consider when starting your development and recruiting plan of attack that you may wish to consider based on your “INDIVIDUAL” situation. We say individual again because we cannot stress this enough, your situation is unique to you and only you.

It is best to start the recruiting process early (freshman/sophmore year and it is never to late to start)
but most importantly when you are ready to commit to the process.

When you are ready to get started  Sign up Today for the WBP High School to College Baseball Recruiting Program.

Remember, “Your Passion is the Fuel that will lead you to success!” 
You are setting the foundation for your goals in the next stage of your life, an education and a continued baseball experience at the college level. Pursue your baseball and academic excellence one step at a time, brick by brick, planning small performance based goals that will lead you to a planned outcome of being recruited. You can do it and we can help!
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Some of the successes Worldwide Baseball Prospects has had with families and players

Concordia (NE), Oakland University (MI), University of San Diego, California State University-Monterey Bay, University of Missouri, Florida Gulf Coast University, ASU, BSU, Grinnell College (OH), Claremont-McKenna (CA), Sonoma St.(CA), Keene St (MA), College of the Redwoods (CA), Westmont College (CA), John A Logan CC (IL), Wharton JC (TX), Ohlone CC (CA), Cal Lutheran University, Midland Lutheran (NE), Gross Mont College (CA), College of the Sequoias (CA), Pasadena CC (CA), Tompkins Cortland CC (New York) Hartnell CC (CA) and so on and so forth.

Worldwide Baseball Prospects can help the dedicated and committed student athlete who wishes to learn and apply. Please allow WBP to help you with individual recruitment coaching, direction and playing opportunities, click the red link below and read on.

Thank You and good luck in your future aspirations in Life, Academics and Baseball.

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